Which companies offer their employees the best gadgets for true work-life balance? Here are six selected.


Sauna (Pipedrive)

Since last year, the Czech team of the Estonian startup Pipedrive can also boast of some of the best offices. The spaces in Karlín, Prague, inspired by organic shapes, also hide a relaxation zone with a bar or sauna, which Estonians can tolerate.

Sauna in Prague Pipedriveǀ Photo Pipedrive

Behind the design of the space is the Prague Studio Perspektiv, which previously designed offices for STRV or HubHub, for example. "An unusual addition to the space for us was the implementation of a sauna and Narnia bar, which could playfully compete with professional companies," say architects Ján Antal and Martin Stára from Studio Perspektiv.

Salt Cave and Cinema (Alza)

Relax with a massage, take a deep breath in the salt cave, stretch in the gym. Alza's new offices have everything her employees could ever need, and much more - from a climbing wall, a sleeping apartment to a meeting room located in an old Saviem truck, which the designers transported to the offices by crane over the roof of the building.

Cinema for working and evening screenings in Alza ǀ Photo by Jiří Šebek

There is also a café, a library and a cinema hall for business presentations and evening film screenings.

Bar with feeder (Jägermeister)

When Jägermeister is mentioned, few people today imagine anything other than the deer motif of this German classic among herbal liqueurs. The spirit of the brand is perfectly matched by the company's Prague headquarters, which can be found at Prague's Anděl on the top floor of the new Smíchoff building.

Offices of the German company Jägermeister in the Smíchoff building in Prague 5

Its realization is the responsibility of the architects of Penta Real Estate, who thematically planted the space in the style of a forest party. But no event can be proper without a bar with quality alcohol - that's why it's not missing in the offices either. In addition, the already unusual element is dominated by a life-size feeder.

Aircraft cabin

The limited air travel during the pandemic probably did not affect Concur employees from the SAP group, which acts as a supplier of solutions for the management of business trips and travel expenses, thanks to the imaginative interior of the offices.

In the airport-inspired office space, a hologram of a flight attendant welcomes at the employee's entrance, but there is also an illuminated landing area, relaxation zones with aircraft cabin design, a hangar for working on hardware or software tools or a control tower for team leaders.

Architects from the S.H.S studio worked on the design of the new offices, who were helped with creative ideas by the company's employees themselves. "The most important thing for me is that our colleagues appreciate a different approach and enjoy working in new offices," says Vratislav Polák about the premises.

Running Track (Business Link)

In Holešovice's shared Business Link Visionary offices, excuses for lack of time for sports will not apply to you. On the roof of one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in Europe, which is the responsibility of the Skanska development group, clients have a running track and a sports field directly on the roof of the building.

Clients can use the jogging track on the roof of the building for relaxation

Climbing wall

Part of the new premises of the Libeň development project DOCK IN was occupied last autumn by the Prague startup Productboard, and when creating the office project, the architects from the YUAR studio clearly thought about the comfort and work-life balance of employees.

In addition to ergonomic chairs and positioning tables for the most comfortable feeling at work, we find a total of 14 types of meeting rooms and rooms used for work and rest. For relaxation and entertainment, employees can use the one with a climbing wall, where they also have a view of the capital.