"Everyone who saw it tells us: Leave the mess there, don't paint it white, don't make it nice, we need reality," Šantora reveals the background of one of the novelties that robotics enthusiasts can look forward to.

The technology center, which is being built on the site of the former Světovar brewery in Slovany, is intended for young entrepreneurs and start-up companies that focus on robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and drones. The latter have a long tradition in Pilsen. The whole project is a follow-up to the successful Dronet Center, which is associated with activities related to drones.

Dronet is located in the Pilsen creative zone DEPO2015. New companies are emerging from student ideas and projects, and is therefore a sought-after place for students of technical fields at secondary schools and faculties of the University of West Bohemia (UWB). “The main benefit for our students is the very existence of such a project, which concerns an attractive, narrowly focused area that is developing dynamically. At the same time, it is an opportunity to start an interesting career already during my studies," says the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, UWB Miloš Železný.

The goal is to retain talent in the region

For many years, an ecosystem of talent development and inspiration for entrepreneurship has been created in Pilsen, in which children from an early age lead to technology. “We have found that we can train skilled technically oriented people with great skills. But we also understood that we needed to keep them in the region," explains Šantora, one of the impulses for the creation of TechTower. "The reality of Pilsen is that the young people who start a startup here will end up in Prague and we here in Pilsen will lose a future company with great technologies and potential for growth," adds Šantora the reason why the technology park should serve as a place where a community of innovators, startups and developers will intersect with the investor part.

The aim of the project is to create a space in which selected innovative companies will receive comprehensive services and a place for their development. "The city has a mechanism in place to help start a business. We can help startups financially, but also, for example, with legal matters," says Šantora. Companies that would like to be located in the former brewery are already applying for Pilsen.

Source: // Hospodářské noviny