"We have already managed to complete almost our entire DOCK district, but the last building is missing, but it is already under construction. The opening of the park is a milestone in the construction of this whole place, because it will make life more pleasant for employees and residents of the area, as well as people from the area - the whole area, including the park, is freely accessible, "DOCK has shown that the place connecting offices with apartments in the immediate vicinity attracts both living and working, in addition, the overall unique atmosphere is further underlined by the large amount of greenery and the adjacent river," he adds.

In the park, there are smart benches equipped with solar panels ensuring contactless charging of mobile phones and other smart accessories. To make the moments spent in the park more pleasant, there is an ornamental lake, including a mist, which, especially in the hot months, ensures a refreshing veil of water and creates a pleasant climate. The park is equipped with technologies to ensure the necessary supply of electricity or water at markets or community-designed cultural and sporting events, which should diversify your stay in the area in the future.

In addition, athletes will certainly appreciate the special tartan running track around the entire DOCK project, which in the coming months will connect to the surrounding city bike paths leading to the center and to Troja. Directly in the park, this track is complemented by a speedometer while running. In addition, charging stations for electric cars will be installed next to the park in the coming days.

The DOCK project is just before its completion, currently, the very last building is under construction - the DOCK IN FIVE office. The residential buildings are all completed and the apartments are sold out. Similarly, all completed office buildings are fully occupied by tenants except for the last few meters. Completion of the last DOCK IN FIVE office building is scheduled for the second half of 2022. It will offer approximately 21.5 thousand m2 of office space and retail space.

Source: // CRESTYL