“Category A office buildings are currently only very expensive to buy. In this situation, it is better to look for older office buildings. They offer higher risk, but at the same time provide higher returns. It is still possible to buy in this segment, ”said the director of the fund Edulios Martin Skalický. He plans to renovate such a property, occupy tenants and eventually sell it. Edulios has already begun preparing a new sub-fund. The launch is planned for the second half of this year.

“Of course, older real estate types are sold at lower prices, and then there is more room for profit, and there is no such competition. However, this type of property is no longer for everyone, and only an experienced investor can dare to do it, ”said David Sajner, investment specialist at Knight Frank. For Edulios, the new sub-fund will be the second investment project. Currently, the life of the first fund, which included the new City West B1 office building in Prague-Stodůlky, is being completed. This year, the property was bought by Patria, an investment company for 69 million euros. No one keeps track of the exact numbers of "B" and "C" buildings. However, market activity is lively. For example, Geosan Development has bought a 20-year-old Nagano office center in Prague 3 for almost one billion crowns.

Source: www.e15.cz