Lobby of the recently completed AFI CITY office building 1

The AFI City office building 1 on the city brownfield in Prague 9 near the Kolbenova metro station is full of interesting architectural and design elements. One of them is the artistically crafted gear motif, which occupies the entire main wall of the reception hall, and is the first thing that welcomes visitors. The work by Czech artist Ivan Komárek is a reminder of the rich industrial past of Vysočany, which was the pride of Czech industry at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries: the most important companies at the time included the Czech-Moravian Machine Factory, Kolben's Electrical Factory and a plant of the engineering company Breitfeld-Daněk, later connected with the world-famous ČKD, but also the carmaker Praga or the Avia Aero aircraft factory.

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